Dr. Tamura Is Appointed as Full-time Professor of CQU-重庆大学土木工程学院


Dr. Tamura Is Appointed as Full-time Professor of CQU

2017-12-01 18:05

        Yukio Tamura, ex-president of the International Associations for Wind Engineering and academician of Japanese Academy of Engineering, was appointed as full time professor of Chongqing University on 14 October 2017 at the conference hall of Chongqing Kingworld Hotel. The president of CQU, academician Xuhong Zhou, Dean of SCQ, CQU, Pro. Qingshan Yang, academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Prof. Theodore Stathopoulos, academician of American National Academy of Engineering, Prof. Kishor Metha and Prof. Ahsan Kareem, Professor of Texas Tech University, Xinzhong Chen, attended the appointing ceremony.


        Prof. Tamura told his story with SCQ, CQU and thanked to CQU in his inaugural address.


        After the appointing ceremony, Prof. Tamura delivered a speech about Tornados in Japan and Japanese Enhanced Fujita-scale.


        Prof. Yukio Tamura was the director of Wind Engineering Research Center in Department of Architectural Engineering of Tokyo Polytechnics University (TPU) and the director of TPU GLOBAL COE Program under Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japanese Government. He has been the president of the International Associations for Wind Engineering (IAWE) for eight years. He has received several honors including the Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan, the Prize of Japan Association for Wind Engineering, Alan G. Davenport Medal of IAWE and Jack E. Cermak Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The International Group for Wind-Related Disaster Risk Reduction was founded and led by Yukio Tamura in 2009 and chaired until now. Prof. Yukio Tamura has research interests in wind engineering, control of wind-induced vibration and monitoring of wind-induced structural response.