Two SCE Graduates Exchanged to Politecnico di Milano for One Semester

2018-04-23 12:37

        At 26, Feb. 2018, the beginning of the 2018 spring semester, two SCE grauate students, Zhihang ZHAO and Chenyu KANG, registered at Politecnico di Milano (hereafter referred as POMILI) to start their one semester exchange learning.


        ZHAO and KANG have various kinds of feelings and minds about POMILI. Maritime Silk Road came to ZHAO’s mind, and he is delighted to have the opportunity to study at POMILI. which locates on the Maritime Silk Road. KANG feels the strong academic atmosphere of POMILI. Both of them hold a believe that this exchange experience will become a precious memory in their life.


        Meanwhile, they sent back pictures of the campuses of POMILI and the Milan Cathedral, the Italian landmark.


Milan Cathedral