Deputy President Hong Yang and Director Tiejun Wang of the Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources Were Invited to Give Lectures for 18th Grade Students in Our College.

2019-11-27 14:29

On the morning of 20th November 2019, Deputy President Hong Yang and Director Tiejun Wang of the Chongqing Surveying and Mapping Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources were invited to come to the Civil Engineering College of our school. In the classroom of D1412 in Huxi Campus, he brought the academic report which called “Based on surveying and mapping geographical information, Using high-tech methods, Service natural resource management”.

First of all, Dean Yang introduced the theme of this report from three aspects: unit status, personal experience, and surveying and mapping. He detailed the history of the unit from its establishment in 1954 to the present, and introduced the project of “1:50,000 national topographic map update work, geographical situation monitoring, the third national land survey, military and civilian integration”. He recalled his work experience of more than 30 years after graduating in 1985 and shared his personal understanding of mapping; Then, through the case, Director Wang introduced the positioning of surveying and mapping in natural resource management, the basic services of surveying and mapping geographic information, the construction of surveying and mapping service capability technology system, and the multi-faceted service of natural resource management. Finally, Director Wang also shared the individual's understanding of surveying and mapping and the feeling of "measuring the development of the minority from the previous minority to the public profession."

Associate Dean Yang Hong has been engaged in project and technical management for a long time, and has conducted in-depth research on satellite and radar image processing and application, precision engineering measurement, and application of low-altitude aerial photography system for drones. He presided over the completion of the survey and monitoring of geography and national conditions undertaken by the Chongqing Institute, the survey of the western region, the national land survey, the construction of global geographic information resources, the update of 1:50,000 databases, the monitoring of the construction of the national investment infrastructure of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the ecological environment carrying of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. National and major surveying and mapping projects such as force and coordination monitoring, monitoring of ecological barriers in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; He also presided over the completion of Chongqing datum benchmark construction, Chongqing 1:5000 digital topographic map mapping, digital Wanzhou geospatial framework construction, Chongqing historical and cultural resources mapping and data collection and other local major surveying and mapping projects. He has devoted more than 30 spring and autumn to the surveying and mapping geography in China, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of surveying and mapping in western China.

Director Wang Tiejun has been engaged in production technology work in the first line of surveying and mapping. He is an expert in scientific research and production and an expert in education. As the technical person in charge of the production unit project, he participated in the “National 1:500,000 maps without maps”, “National 1:50,000 database update”, “Island Reef Survey and Mapping Project 927” and “National 1:25 Million Database Update” The first national survey of geography and national conditions, "basic and thematic geography monitoring", "global geographic information resources construction and maintenance update", "the third national land survey", "polar surveying", "1:10,000 basic mapping in Heilongjiang Province" “Digital Wanzhou” and “11,000 Topographic Map Production in Sichuan Province” and other major national and local surveying and mapping projects. At the same time, he was responsible for international cooperation with the United States, European countries, Mexico, Japan and other mapping companies for business negotiations, technical exchanges, project management, and training for foreign counterparts. He is responsible for organizing or mainly participating in the completion of dozens of provincial-level scientific research projects, and has won dozens of awards such as the Science and Technology Progress Award of the China Society of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information, the Natural Science and Technology Achievement Award of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Association, and the Chongqing Planning and Surveying and Mapping Technology Progress Award. He published a monograph entitled "Development and Application of Photogrammetry Technology", and published more than 80 papers. He has directed many graduate students in surveying and mapping, and has been awarded the title of “Excellent Education Worker” by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

In this academic report, Dean Yang and Director Wang gave their classmates their own work experience and related project cases. The report is vivid, and it not only allows the participants to have a preliminary understanding of geographic information technology, but also provides surveying and mapping services. This lecture broadened the students' horizons, expanded the students' thought, increased the students' interest in learning and had benefited everyone.