Director Wang Changhan, An Expert From Chongqing Survey Institute Was Invited to Give Lectures for 18th Grade Students in Our College.

2019-11-27 14:28

On the morning of 15th November 2019, Director Wang Changhan of Chongqing Survey Institute was invited to come to the Civil Engineering College of our school. In the classroom of D1412 in Huxi Campus, he brought the academic report which called “Construction and Application of Chongqing Modern Surveying and Mapping Reference System”.


First of all, Director Wang introduced the theme of this report through the question “What is the mapping benchmark?”, and then, Then, he showed the importance of surveying and mapping benchmarks from the close relationship between surveying and mapping, people's life, surveying and mapping service city construction management, surveying and mapping to ensure the construction of major national projects. Then, he introduced in detail the reference system and development of China's surveying and mapping system, the principle and technical method of establishing the surveying and mapping reference system, the modernization status of China's surveying and mapping benchmark CGCS2000 national coordinate system and the status quo of surveying and mapping benchmarks in various provinces and cities. Finally, he focused on the technical standards, technical methods, technical processes, and Relevant results applied in Chongqing rail transit construction and urban infrastructure safety monitoring.


Director Wang Changhan has long been engaged in surveying and mapping geographic information collection, processing and service. He has strong project organization and implementation capabilities. He has rich engineering practice experience in geodesy, engineering survey, photography and remote sensing. He has participated in dozens of projects and national major surveying and mapping geographic information projects. he also has hosted and participated in more than 10 provincial-level scientific research projects and presided over national standards, industry standards and local developments. He has worked for the Chongqing surveying and mapping geography diligently more than 20 years, making an outstanding contribution to the city's surveying and mapping industry.


Director Wang conducted this academic report through his own work experience and related project cases. the director did not only make the students have a preliminary understanding of geodetic technology, but also had a new understanding of the construction and application of the mapping standard system. This lecture broadened the students' horizons, expanded the students' thought, increased the students' interest in learning and had benefited everyone.