Seminar themed “Slope Safety Analysis and Geological Disaster Prevention in Reservoir Areas” successfully held

2019-10-28 09:24

On the afternoon of October 24, 2019, as per invitation of Prof. Zhang Wengang, Associate Chair of School of Civil Engineering, Prof. D.V. Griffiths from Colorado School of Mines, US, Prof. Zheng Hong from Beijing University of Technology, Sun Guanhua, Professor from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Associate Professor Wang Wei from Chengdu University of Technology visited Geotechnical Research institute and delivered academic presentations. Associate chair, Professor Xie Qiang, Prof. Chen Zhaohui, Prof. Jin Xiaoguang, Associate Prof. Yang Haiqing, and graduate students as well as oversea students from the school attended the seminar.

Prof. Zhang chaired the first half of the seminar and introduced the research fields and research experiences of Prof. D.V. Griffiths and Prof. Zheng Hong, and expressed sincere thanks and warm welcome to the experts and students.


Prof. D.V. Griffiths delivered the academic presentation “Recent Research on Slope Stability Analysis”. The report is divided into two parts: “Traditional slope stability methods: Factor of Safety” and “Probabilistic slope stability methods: Probability of Failure”. In this presentation, Prof. D. V. Griffiths introduced the state of the art for deterministic analysis method of slope stability in recent years and the probabilistic analysis method of slope stability considering the uncertainty of geotechnical parameters.


Prof. D.V. Griffiths giving the report

Prof. Zheng Hong gave an academic report “Several Issues in Slope Stability Analysis and Suggested a Major Transformation in Infrastructure Construction”. He mainly introduced two types of problems in geomechanics and geoengineering, the content of slope stability analysis, the main methods of slope stability analysis, the debate on the definition of safety factor, and the strength reduction method for nonlinear strength envelope. In addition, Prof. Zheng also explained the reasons for recommending the construction of residential areas, high-speed public railways on the old landslide from three aspects: technical reasons, practical cases and economic reasons.



During the forum period, Prof. D. V. Griffiths and Prof. Zheng Hong had a hot discussion with present professors and students on the relevant issues. They explained the questions raised by the participants, captured extensive attentions from the participants.


The second half of the seminar was hosted by Prof. Xie Qiang. Professor Sun Guanhua, Associate Prof. Wang Wei and Associate Prof. Yang Haiqing provided the academic reports entitled "The overall method and application of slope stability analysis", “Analysis of the critical pool level of partially submerged slopes”, and “Analysis on the Disintegration Crushing and Scraping Effects of Sliding Body During Runout Process”, respectively, They shared the latest research results with the teachers and students of the school.



The seminar has strengthened the exchanges between professors and students of the school and well-known scholars in the field of geotechnical engineering in the “Slope Safety Analysis and Geological Disaster Prevention in Reservoir Areas”.